Next Generation Smartphone

client_iconCLIENT: LG Electronics

category_iconCATEGORY: Concept Story / Product Design / Video

LG Electronics needed a new concept to create designs to better connect with consumers and push the conversation forward around their smartphone lineup. LG tapped Redwood to put together a comprehensive strategy for a smartphone, including hardware design, user experience innovation, and marketing concepts.

Redwood dug deep into LG’s smartphone lineup, working together with the LG Design Center to analyze design, branding, marketing, and PR and come up with recommendations for improvement. After 6 weeks, Redwood had designed an entirely new smartphone concept, as well as a marketing strategy to showcase LG’s superior technology.

In order to move to the vanguard of the hyper-competitive smartphone industry, Redwood created a storytelling marketing strategy to highlight how LG designs can improve – or remove altogether – traditional limits of the smartphone. With this shift in philosophy, LG has begun to create significant brand equity as a thought leader in the industry.