History Channel Management

client_iconCLIENT: History Channel Korea

category_iconCATEGORY: Social Media Strategy / Creative / Custom Campaign

HISTORY sought to create a series of targeted campaigns to engage new viewers and drive awareness in the Korean market.

HISTORY turned to Redwood for expertise in running localized campaigns in the Asian market. Redwood designed and launched a series of integrated promotions to highlight HISTORY’s hit shows and introduce them to a new audience. Redwood also launched HISTORY Korea’s social accounts, including Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, creating and optimizing custom creative content to extend HISTORY’s brand reach to the social space.

HISTORY saw a 50%+ increase in Facebook engagement over the initial 3-month launch campaign. Thanks to a series of targeted campaigns over the 2013 calendar year, HISTORY was able to generate a 6,000+ Fan database, to be used for media outreach and engagement efforts. Through optimized targeting, Redwood was able to identify HISTORY’s most effective target audience in the market.