Reality Box Promotion

client_iconCLIENT: Google Korea

category_iconCATEGORY: Offline Promotion

Google Korea wanted to launch large retail store promotion in order to increase the public awareness as well as consumer interest on Google’s latest media streaming device for TV: Chromecast.

Redwood searched for creative offline-promotion plan, which aligns with the brand position of Google, and executed the campaign called ‘Reality Box Promotion’.
As the name of the campaign suggests, ‘Reality Box’ was an exhibition booth demonstrating a real-life example of how Chromecast users would look like. Redwood’s decision to utilize ‘indirect user experience’ for this promotion, rather than traditional method (ad copy and artwork), was evaluated as revolutionary offline campaign.
Also, Redwood designated ‘#KulAlba(part-time job served on a silver platter)’, one of trending phrases in Korea, as a main catch phrase to not only maximize the viral effect but also in order to emphasize the rare opportunity to have fun and make money at the same time.

The agenda ‘opportunity to make money in a homelike space, enjoying Google Chromecast with family and friends’ received much attention from on-site customers as well as promotion participants. This led to realistic and ever-so-active demonstration of part-timers inside the Reality Box.
Overall, the Reality Box appealed as ‘genuine performance’. This creative campaign, instead of bombarding of technological information, successfully delivered the main message of the Chromecast, ‘You too can enjoy digital content and streaming services on a big screen at home’