Save The Bors

client_iconCLIENT: Organic Valley

category_iconCATEGORY: Video / Social Media Strategy / Creative

Organic Valley wants you to save these musclebound bros

– Fortune Magazine


“There’s so much bro bashing out there that we thought it would be fun to talk about why they’re worth saving”

 “It’s exciting to see them push the boundaries of what you’d think an organic company would do”

David Littlejohn


Redwood, and Humanaut, fueled a creative project “Save the Bros” for Organic Valley to entertain the viewers while educating them on organic food. This PSA-like ad segment focused on rescuing musclebound males (BROS) from taking conventional protein shakes with artificial flavoring, sweeteners and GMOs and guiding them to healthier and organic products. Despite the funny script of the segment, straight-faced narrator and pseudo-serious tone made the video to stand out among traditional organic product campaigns. This campaign made clear that going-organic has its story to tell for wide range of consumers, even for those muscle-pumping bros. Redwood helped this campaign to go viral (#SaveTheBros), generating impressive outreach and interaction with viewers across the nation.